The 1970s. Man, what a trip.


Who am I?  The traveler.

Mike’s first true foray into true travel writing.  As an expat, I’ve always been travel writing through emails to friends and family, or the occasional local magazine, but, what with long subway rides to and from work, and with the true desire to do this so since forever, I figure no better time than the present.

Today is actually not a long commute to and from work, but a short jaunt.  Anyhow, I digress.  Where to begin?  I’ve traveled to every country in South East Asia, every country in East Asia, except for North Korea (not counting the DMZ), and now making stabs at South Asia with Sri Lanka and the Maldives last summer and Nepal and India this summer.  I’m currently living in Korea for the third time since 1997, and have lived in Taiwan for six or seven years, twice, since 2000.  We, Taiwanese wife Carol, and I have lived together in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Mongolia, as well.

Let us go back to the beginning. Since 1973, I’ve been looking for places to visit with Colleen (Mom) and Jim (Dad) and two years later, Erin (sister).  We started traveling in Ottawa, making short trips around Ontario to London Waterloo, Toronto, Port Stanley, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and other places I’m sure that I don’t remember.  We also used to visit (Great) Grandma Becky in Montreal from time to time, while picking up a smoked meat sandwich and bagel. We also visited Lak George, NY, but I barely remember that trip.  We also visited Florida in 1978, a trip I remember a lot about (yes, I do have a great memory).  Tampa Bay’s Bush Gardens, Disney World (Epcot Center was just being built), Alligator World, as well as visits with (Great) Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Morty, as well as Cousin (Auntie) Benita and Steve. We also went to Circus World, where Erin and I had our faces painted like sad clowns, that had tears streaming down our cheeks.  There are photos of these on slides, which we may one day see.  I also voluntarily had a snake draped across my neck (a poster was made). Later, back in Ontario, Canada, we also travelled to Silver Lake often with Uncle Sean and Sandra.  Once, we also visited Rob and Joy at their place in the woods, where I stepped on a nail.  Luckily, Joy was a nurse. We moved often in Ottawa, at least once every two to three

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