Gumbo House, Busan

Gumbo House in the Kwangali Beach area of Busan has the only 5 star all day brunch, and more. In addition to a bottomless cup of coffee, the owner/waiter also does substitutions, and offers milk, cream and sugar for coffees. In addition to the various breakfast items, such as French toast, hash browns, and omelettes, he also serves great lunch and dinner menu items, such as a bowl of gumbo, jambalaya, meatloaf, soups, and unique sandwiches, such as the mac and cheese hotdog. All items are very generously portioned and priced.

It’s a good idea to make a reservation on a weekend morning, as well as, to order ahead.

The owner was trained in Louisiana Cajun cooking in California and Las Vegas, so lucky locals and expats alike can enjoy his excellent service and good food.

Tel.: +82-(0)-51-753-488


우리 나라, Mulmangol, Busan

This pure Mom and Pop shop is well worth the effort to find and visit. The market it is in, as well as the surrounding neighborhood is worth a half day of exploration. It is a unique restaurant in that the adjama serves up delicious rice noodle dishes. It’s not impossible to find and try these Korean rice noodle dishes in Korea, but it’s becoming increasingly rare. We had the 잔치쌀국수 (jan chi sal gook soo) “banchi rice noodle soup”, as well as the 콩쌀국수 (kong sal gook sure) “soybean rice noodle soup”. We also tried a side dish of 꼬마김밥
(go ma kimbap) “little kimbap”. Moreover, they also serve up larger and pricier anju or drinking food items, such as 계란말이 (gae-ran Mari) “egg roll omelette”. This means you can also order makoli rice wine, beer and soju here. Prices for lunch and dinner mains are reasonable at 5000 to 7000 won. There’s also mix coffee up for grabs. The kimbap was 2000 won. They take credit cards.

Telephone number: +82-(0)51-818-6797

Address: 부산시,연제구 연수로 129
(129 Yeon-Soo Road, Yeon-Jye Gu, Busan.

Get off at the Mulmangol Subway Station on Line # 3, or the Brown Line.

우리 나라 쌀국수




Go Ma Kimbap Little Kimbap

우리 나라




Jan Chi Sal Gook Soo

Banchi rice noodle soup


Kong gook Soo Soybean rice noodle soup

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